Cover photo for „NEOPERA – DESTINED WAYS“, earMUSIC, Germany, July 2014

Cover photo for the new album of the german band „NEOPERA“ which will be out on July 11th on the german market, please visit the links below to get in touch with their fantastic sound.

„The ultimate fusion of classical music, modern sounds and heaviness! The German newcomers are very apt at avoiding genre classifications, clichés and the usual tags: instead they have concocted an amalgamut that mirrors a vast array of emotions! Sometimes tender and fragile, aggressive and fierce the next instant – NEOPERA deliver the soundtrack to the movie in your head and will send you on an unforgettable journey between shadow and light…

Founded in 2010 by DARK AGE lead guitarist Jörn Schubert, he soon found allies in GAMMA RAY bass player Dirk Schlächter, Mikis Trimborn (SYNDEMIC) on guitars and Mirko Gluschke (Shouts), Nina Jiers (Soprano) and Thorsten Schuck (Baritone)! The orchestration of the songs has been taken care of in a collaboration between Corvin Bahn and Jörn Schubert. „In the studio, André Schumann (DARK AGE) also joined us on drums and Henjo Richter (GAMMA RAY) delivered a solo part“, fills in mastermind Jörn. Eike Freese produced the NEOPERA debut at his own Hammerstudios.

The result? A more than harmonic whole that successfully fights off being „simply“ another classical or metal album! Genre tags won`t apply to what Jörn Schubert himself christens „a new interpretation of a possible opera“. A new outlook, plenty of passion, anthemic songwriting, larger-than-life arrangements: welcome to the beautifully dark world of NEOPERA!“

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