Exhibition: ARTocalypse – Amersfoort, NL, 09.02.2013 – 09.03.2013

ARTocalypse – Exhibition

artocalypse vernissage

Leusderweg 21, Amersfoort, NL


Vernissage/Opening: 9.2.2012 at 14:00
Open on Saturdays: 13:00 – 17:00 uur
And also on request: 033 433 18 14

Four friends, all loving that what is old, and has history, that what tells us a story.
Even though we all have a very different way of photgraphing the world as we see it, we have one theme in common:
Things others see as trash, homes that were abandoned at one stage we want to capture by camera.
Evanescence and wealth are so close to one another, yet so far away. Seeying the beauty in that what once was…that is the art of living.

Finding these treasures, that is what makes us want to show others what mattered to the unkown friend we never met.

  • Bas Brader makes the unnoticed detail visible so the bigger picture is in sync.
  • Lies Baas searches for paterns that inspire to see an other reality.
  • Sven Fennema is a master in shooting the most overwhelming scenaries asif it is just a piece of cake, after which you will need to find the puzzle, and figure it out.
  • Mathieu Osenga lets mankind stand up for itself after the world as we know it has been destroyed.

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